Monday, March 4, 2013


Funds raised help a new charity get off the ground.

Shelter Our Pets Co-President, Laura Mann
Tastefully Simple Representative, Ellen DiVietro
Shelter Our Pets Fundraising Co-Chair, Miri Upton
Between November 21st and December 10th of 2012, Shelter Our Pets teamed up with Tastefully Simple Representative Ellen DiVietro to host an online catalogue party featuring Tastefully Simple’s culinary products. Funds raised are being used to help cover start-up costs for the organization.

Shelter Our Pets is an all-volunteer nonprofit corporation with the mission to provide a safe haven for the pets of victims of domestic violence who are fleeing their abusive situations. Shelter Our Pets assists people seeking safety from violence by providing alternatives to giving up a beloved pet, leaving a pet behind in an abuse prone environment or continuing to subject themselves and their pets to abuse.

Lynn Gregorski-Bosi, a Trustee of Shelter Our Pets met DiVietro at a Tastefully Simple party at a friend's house.  Gregorski-Bosi mentioned the launch of Shelter Our Pets to DiVietro.  "I told her that we were a new organization that needed to raise funds for start-up costs.  Ellen immediately said she would help us out," said Gregorski-Bosi.

“Lynn and I immediately clicked and I loved the concept of what she was doing with Shelter Our Pets. I knew immediately I wanted to help and be a part of it. I love fundraising and helping people with their causes,” says DiVietro.

Shelter Our Pets and DiVietro ran the event through Facebook as a virtual party. The event was huge a success. As a team, they were able to raise $210.96 over the span of twenty days. Supporters throughout the Northeast ordered from Tastefully Simple to help support the new organization.

"I am so grateful to Ellen for running this virtual fundraiser for us,” says Gregorski-Bosi.  Laura Mann, another Trustee of Shelter Our Pets expressed the importance of the proceeds, stating "The funds will enable us to move forward with laying the necessary foundation for our organization to proceed with its very important work helping victims of domestic violence and their family pets break free from their abusers.” Mann also expressed sincere gratitude to DiVietro, “Thank you Ellen and Tastefully Simple for all of your support and your wonderful products!”

Victims of domestic violence not only have to ensure their own well being when caught in an abusive situation, but also the well being of their pets. According to The American Humane Association, approximately 71% of women report that their pet has either been threatened or injured during instances of domestic violence. 

For more information about Shelter Our Pets you can visit or call 973-506-9696.