Saturday, September 29, 2012

Update on Carrie and Her Dogs

Here's an update on Carrie, a woman who is staying at an area shelter with her 16 year old daughter and two dogs. 

Thursday afternoon Kelly's two dogs, Star and D.O.G. were seen by Dr. Silberman at Tri-County Animal Hospital in Wayne, NJ.  Both dogs received an exam, heart worm tests and vaccinations thanks to the generosity of three Companion Animal Advocates board members who made personal donations.  The dogs will now be able to be boarded if necessary.
Carrie wrote to us saying "...due to the generosity of Shelter Our Pets, D.O.G. and Star were able to be seen at Tri-County Animal Hospital.  The doctor [Silberman] and his assistant Erin could not have been more warm and caring.  Star's bear attack wounds are healing well and she was given her distemper vaccination.  D.O.G. on the other hand was examined for his back right leg which he has been having trouble walking on.  The doctor gave us the extremely sad news that D.O.G. has a Torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament.  D.O.G. lives for running around and horseplay, so as you can imagine the news shattered my heart.  The doctor said that the surgery that D.O.G. requires is $2500.  He said that if he doesn't have the surgery he will eventually be a three legged dog."   Carrie continued,  "They also provided us with a bag full of treats and nutritional supplements for both pets."  According to Carrie, Tri-County staff member Erin is donating dry food and the hospital is donating a dose of Frontline for the dogs.
Carrie adds in her email, "We are so grateful for all of your love and continued support.  The dogs tummies are filled once again this morning with their generously donated food and are in good spirits."  
Shelter Our Pets just incorporated this week and is now accepting donations by check.  The organization will be applying for 501c3 status.  You can click on the Donate button on this blog for more information.
Carrie left us with these words, "I have never felt so encouraged by a group of people. Thank you so very much, [Shelter Our Pets] for your genuine love, care and support. My puppies didn't ask to be in this tough situation. We are so fortunate to have Shelter Our Pets on our side. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Thank you for seeing how important they are to us and loving us through this difficult time." 

Companion Animal Advocates, a nonprofit organization, just donated a case of soft food for Star who is thirteen years old and can not chew dry food.  They also generously donated a full year supply of Frontline and Heartguard for the animals.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Thank You!

"Star and D.O.G. are resting after a day full of eating their wonderful food and playing until they were pooped!  I don't know what I would do without the help of the loving women at [area shelter] and Shelter Our Pets.  Thank you with all of my heart, Carrie"

One of the dogs wearing a donated car harness.

"Our situation is unique, but I know there are other families are going through difficult times keeping their pets as well.  God bless Shelter Our Pets!  God Bless [area shelter]!" 

*Shelter name undisclosed for protection of clients

Monday, September 24, 2012

Donations Delivered for Dogs of Shelter Family in Need

Star and D.O.G. (Dee-Ooo-Gee) are so happy to have gotten donations today!

The owner writes: "D.O.G. and Star are THRILLED! Laura is wonderful!"

A special thanks to the team at CAA for wet food for Star and tennis balls for D.O.G.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


We are happy to report that Star, the dog who had the bear encounter was seen today at Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital. Star is doing great and has gotten some medication. A big thanks to Patricia for her personal donation toward the vet bill. Also to Companion Animal Advocates for their donations. It's so wonderful we can all work together to help a pet owner in need!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Night at a Safe House - Dogs Need Assistance

Last night Shelter Our Pets attended a meeting at an area "safe house".  There we met Carrie, a client who is living in shelter housing with her teenage daughter and her two dogs.  We met the two dogs.  One is a male 6 year-old ridgeback mix.  He is limping just slightly on a back leg and may have a sprain.  The female Star is 13 years old.  She has dental disease so she can only be on soft food.  At the safe house where Carrie is living, Star accidentally escaped and went after a bear on Tuesday night and has a few small punctures marks.

Shelter Our Pets members are working today on making phone calls asking for donated vet services so Carrie's dogs can be seen.

Thanks to Companion Animal Advocates, Carrie will be able to pick-up dry food for her pets through the Center for Food Action.

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More updates to come!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shelter Our Pets

A group of concerned community members are in the process of forming Shelter Our Pets intended to be a New Jersey non profit organization. Shelter Our Pets’ mission will be to provide a safe haven for the pets of victims of domestic violence who are fleeing their abusive situations. Shelter Our Pets assists people seeking safety from violence by providing alternatives to giving up a beloved pet, leaving a pet behind in a potentially dangerous situation or continuing to subject themselves and their pets to abuse.  If you want more information or are interested in volunteering, please contact us at