Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Night at a Safe House - Dogs Need Assistance

Last night Shelter Our Pets attended a meeting at an area "safe house".  There we met Carrie, a client who is living in shelter housing with her teenage daughter and her two dogs.  We met the two dogs.  One is a male 6 year-old ridgeback mix.  He is limping just slightly on a back leg and may have a sprain.  The female Star is 13 years old.  She has dental disease so she can only be on soft food.  At the safe house where Carrie is living, Star accidentally escaped and went after a bear on Tuesday night and has a few small punctures marks.

Shelter Our Pets members are working today on making phone calls asking for donated vet services so Carrie's dogs can be seen.

Thanks to Companion Animal Advocates, Carrie will be able to pick-up dry food for her pets through the Center for Food Action.

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More updates to come!

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  1. We are happy to report that Star, the dog who had the bear encounter was seen today at Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital. Star is doing great and has gotten some medication. A big thanks to Patricia for her personal donation toward the vet bill. Also to Companion Animal Advocates for their donations. It's so wonderful we can all work together to help a pet owner in need!